What is a Ransomware?

You can consider ransomware as a kidnapping for ransom where, rather than kidnapping a loved one, the culprit is kidnapping your personal details and files Ransomware is a type of crypto virology malware that disables the traditional operation of a […]
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How to prevent ransomware?

Your employee clicks on a sketchy mail and opens the attachment file unknowingly, out of curiosity, the next thing you know, all your files are locked and inaccessible. The ransomware which started from that mail has now spread through your […]
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Why should you opt for Ransomware Protection?

Kidnapping an individual for ransom in the physical world is a very dangerous affair. The turn of events that occur is that; first, the malefactors kidnap the victim, then they keep the victim alive and hidden while they negotiate for paid […]
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