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Who Are We?
Having worked in the IT sector for a small web hosting firm, other than the technicalities of the job, I was also witness to some harsh realities. I noticed a need in the community that was not being met, more often than not. The need for services where the client's requirement was the priority, and the customer service provided was the true essence of the job. Although, it showed me the harsher truth of life, but it also led me to branching out on my own, quitting the job and starting my own business. Come 2002, Support305 was founded, with one simple goal: providing the best customer orientated services, keeping the client's best interests in our minds and hearts. Since 2002, I, along with my team, have strived to deliver outstanding customer service through hands on IT services, mission critical experience and competitive pricing, a work ethic that has been passed on to each employee here at Support305.
About Us
Back in 2002, when our company first started, it came from the lack of customer orientated companies which did not have their client’s best interests at heart but rather as their least priority. It is safe to say that our company is very much focused at delivering outstanding customer service through hands on IT services, mission critical experience, competitive pricing. Customer oriented services is the vision instilled in every employee here at Support305 passed on by our founder and CEO. These core values have been at the centre of the company’s growth over the past two decades. We play a significant role with many different sized businesses throughout South Florida and the rest of America at aligning their business objectives with technology for both short- and long-term strategies. We utilize many years of industry experience and functional expertise. As a fully managed IT company, we build long lasting partnerships with our clients to deliver the solutions that resolve their most complicated needs and align technology with their overall business objectives.

Support305 goes over and beyond to deliver results, strategically develop new insights, and help grow your business through the use of technology. We specialize in Cloud Technology, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Security and Managed Services, which cover all your IT services and support requirements for a flat rate monthly fixed fee. Some of our most availed services include: IT services, cabling, project management, disaster recovery, access control, and audio-video. At heart, our primary goal remains with providing client personalized services.


  • "hospitality needs better than any other competitor. S305 is always solution driven and have the business best interest in mind. Customer support is very personal and not bureaucratic at all. We are using Support 305 in four different concepts across five different states. Never miss a deadline, never not keep their promise."
    -Yavuz Pehlivanlar
  • "Support305 is the BEST possible IT support team I have ever worked with. The team is extremely friendly, helpful, attentive, responsive, talented, equipped, and ready to get anything done at anytime of the day. They are able to provide our company with consistent quality nation wide, at any states across the United States."
  • "I have worked with numerous IT companies in New York and still still had to turn to Support 305 for back up assistance. For my new business I will only use Support 305. They are fast, courteous, and timely which is what every business needs. If you're dealing with an IT company that that makes you wait and is slacking with service, its time to switch."
    - Jayna Patel
2990 SW 35th Ave, Miami, FL 33133
Mon - Fri (9AM - 8PM EST)
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