Project Management

Project IT Management

IT management is the management discipline through which all the information technology resources of an organization are effectively managed according to its organizational requirements and priorities. This discipline includes all the activities that are associated with the use of information technology in order to meet organizational objectives and goals, as well as the strategies that are implemented to ensure that these resources are used in the most efficient manner possible. In fact, the entire purpose of this management is to ensure that information technology investments are made in such a way that they yield the maximum productive results for the organization in the shortest possible time. This enables the organization to derive maximum productivity from its IT investments, both in the short-term and the long-term perspectives.

Project Cabling Management

Cabling management refers to the planning, design or management of an electronic or electrical cable in an installation or a cabinet. The term is generally used for electrical workmanship, products or planning where the objects and resources being used are in contact with one another. It also involves assigning a person, usually a qualified professional, to oversee and monitor the proper functioning of these cables and associated equipment. This person is responsible for maintaining safety, locating damaged cables and their locations, making necessary repairs or adjustments, and preventing damage from occurring because of improper management.