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By hiring a Florida IT support company, you gain the freedom to focus on what you do best – running your business.

The IT Department is your most valuable asset, but it also requires enormous amounts of time, money, and manpower to manage effectively.

We offer an array of comprehensive services—from creating a custom IT solution for your business to implementation of that solution, and everything in between. Full managed services, help desk services, monitoring, maintenance, and disaster recovery are just a few examples. Our qualified network and cybersecurity team can handle all of your technical needs.

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Proactive Managed IT Services in Florida

  • Has the volume and complexity of your IT issues gone up with remote work?
  • Are your teams suffering from blurring of work and home divisions?
  • Are those IT issues remaining unsolved for hours and putting strain on your overall productivity?

For over 25 years, we’ve helped businesses in Florida realize their business visions by aligning their infrastructure with their goals. Improvement in response times, round-the-clock support and first-call resolutions to move your service desk queues at blazing speeds and minimize ticket volumes are just value additions to this.

Outsourced IT services is the Secret Weapon

1. Scalability On-Demand
Effortlessly expand your IT capabilities as your business grows.
2. Zero Downtime
Ensure continuous operation with our effective, zero downtime solutions.
3. Cost-Effective
Reduce overheads, avoid recruitment challenges, and cut training costs.
4. Proactive IT management
Stay ahead of the competition with our proactive and preventive IT management strategies.
5. Infrastructure Management
Optimize your IT infrastructure for maximum efficiency and reliability.
6. Cybersecurity Assessment
Reassurance about the measures to protect against cyber threats and data breaches.
By taking on these multifaceted roles, managed IT support enables businesses to focus on their core operations, ensuring the underlying technology infrastructure is robust, secure and in line with the company's goals.

Online, onsite and on-demand support for work-from-anywhere teams.

Partner with us and join a mosaic of satisfied clientele, each reflecting the best of their industry

Message from the founder

Support305 has strived to deliver outstanding customer service through hands-on IT support, mission critical experience, and competitive pricing. These core values have been at the center of the company’s growth over the last two decades. Now a nation-wide brand, Support305 works closely with companies in several industry sectors to align their business objectives with technology for short and long-term strategies.
Nitesh Mistry
Founder & CEO | Support305

Consulting And Support

Business IT Support
As companies continue to expand, grow, and become more profitable, the need for consistent consulting and help desk services from a team of knowledgeable professionals becomes more critical.
IT Consulting
Our IT consulting company provides expert advice and solutions to organizations on how to best utilize information technology to achieve their business goals and solve technical challenges.
Network Support
By outsourcing their network support services to a reliable expert, companies gain an entire team of IT consultants, each with multiple areas of expertise.
Cloud Hosting
By leveraging professional consulting and help desk services, you get an entire team of individual specialists with a broader range of expertise and skill sets.
IT Outsourcing
Smaller companies simply can’t compete with the massive IT departments of their much larger competitors. And hiring a single IT Department Head to manage all of your systems can be downright frightening.
Software Training
We offer a comprehensive software training regimen. We will cater to as many users as required to fit your needs. Contact us for more information.

24/7 Support And 1 Hour Response Time

We offer 24/7 Support and a guaranteed 1-hour response time. Contact us today for your free consultation! By hiring a Managed IT Services Provider, you gain the freedom to focus on what you do best.

360° Managed Services For Your Business

SMBs are a very lucrative target for hackers because in most cases they can’t afford enterprise-grade security solutions. Small Business Managed IT Services protect your company, proprietary data, and client information with a proactively managed program that includes training your most vulnerable attack vectors – social engineering attacks targeting your employees.

Real Stories, Remarkable Transformations: Client Triumphs with Our MSP Solutions!

"Support305 is the BEST possible IT support team I have ever worked with. The team is extremely friendly, helpful, attentive, responsive, talented, equipped, and ready to get anything done at anytime of the day. They are able to provide our company with consistent quality nation wide, at any states across the United States."
- Murat Nalcioglu
Business Entrepreneur
Support 305 has been instrumental in keeping Sherwood’s servers updated and security. Their Cyber security services provide Sherwood high quality enhanced tools to keep our data safe and their tech support service is second to none.
Steve D’Eliseo
"S305 is always solution driven and have the business best interest in mind. Customer support is very personal and not bureaucratic at all. We are using Support 305 in four different concepts across five different states. Never miss a deadline, never not keep their promise."
-Yavuz Pehlivanlar
Communications Admin

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