Healthcare IT Services

Healthcare IT Service

Support305 provides Professional healthcare IT service for all sized practices. Support305 provides the best in medical office technology including PHI compliant IT services and cloud based backup solutions. Whether you are a doctor’s office, physician health center or a hospital, Support305 has the secure network infrastructure to manage your network and provide the IT support you need. Support305 provides a customized plan for every requirement eliminating the need to hire an in-house IT specialist.

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Outsourcing IT Management

Outsourcing your managed IT services allows you to focus on your core business.
Outsourcing your businesses IT services management will help you save money, through reduction in overhead costs
Outsource your IT managed services with Support305 who have specific equipment and expert experienced consultants for your hardware, software and IT services.

Allows SME’s to have the same access to technology that larger businesses have.
Outsourcing of your network managed services has never been easier with our team of expert certified experienced consultants.
Avoid the large upfront costs associated with IT management systems and contact us today to get a low costing IT management service company support team.
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