Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup

A managed, remote, or on-demand backup service, occasionally sold as cloud backup or managed-backup service, may be a service that offers users a centralized system for storage, backups, and recovery of electronic data. Online backup services are organizations that offer this kind of service to end-users. They usually offer this service through the use of a website interface or a software application. The service is usually provided by an internet provider. Some of these backup services allow multiple data sources to be backed up to a server, while some allow only one data source. The most common use for cloud backup solutions is for storing customer records, such as email, contacts, and the like. Such records are usually sensitive and can be damaged or destroyed, either through human error or due to a natural disaster, without the knowledge of the customers. In order to protect such records from accidental loss or destruction, cloud-based backup solutions store them on servers that are located, accessed, and maintained by the service provider’s customers.

Managed Backup

Managed Backup Service enables service providers to manage Automatic Backup Agent (ABA) installations, upgrades, monitoring, reporting, restore/restore tasks from the internet portal provided as SaaS. As a hosted service, Managed Backup Software provides application-level security and is supported by various Microsoft enterprise level products such as: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft SQL MS Exchange, Oracle, PHP, Cold Fusion, etc. To get started with a Managed Backup Business, all that is required is a custom website with shopping carts and a feature rich form with multiple fields for user registration, entry of credit card numbers, etc. Customers and suppliers alike will love the convenience of accessing their data, files and databases from any location at any time – even on the go!